Senior Graphic Engineer

  • Status: 1 - 2 people. Open for full-time. Needed for UE4/C++ graphic related pipeline and plugin developer

    Responsibilities:Develop graphics techniques and algorithms to maximize graphics quality and performance
    Implement and improve modern game engine graphics pipelines
    Write high-quality, performant, and maintainable code
    Maintain a creative and collaborative working relationship with design team / product team across various disciplines
    Mentor and guide less experienced programmers as needed

    Requirements:Expertise in C++ and Unreal Engine 4
    Graphics/rendering programming
    Shaders, materials, lighting, rendering pipelines, procedural modeling and generation, 2D image processing, VFX and particle systems, and other graphics techniques
    Proficient in 3D math skill
    Enthusiasm and initiative
    Excellent spoken and written communication
    Strong cross-disciplinary communication skills; collaborative mindset
    A relaxed attitude to working in an agile environment

    (2) Design Engineer - Unreal Engine 4 - Share this job post
    Status: 1 people. Open for full-time (1 contractor in place). Needed for art asset building / app development / particle effects / scene creation
    Responsibilities:Work closely with members of design and engineering to support design needs including level scripting, art integration, audio hookup, gameplay support, AI, testing, game balance, etc.
    Collaborate with Art, Animation, and Engineering members to create functional, fun and visually compelling worlds that achieve unprecedented and immersive experiences
    Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.

    Requirements:2+ years Unreal Engine 4 experience including blueprints and C++ implementation.
    Familiarity with BluePrints, C/C++, or Javascript
    Have strong UI/UX background knowledge and know-how to apply them in adequate situations
    Passion for machine learning and computer vision with minimum understanding

    (3) Software Engineer - Full Stack with Front End Focus - Share this job post

    Status: 1 - 2 people. Open for full-time. Needed for quick prototyping / exploration / artistic projects / visualization

    Responsibilities:Implement web applications in a highly fluid and extremely creative environment
    Strike a balance between multiple design disciplines and engineering functions to provide end-to-end thoughtful solutions

    Requirements:Deep understanding of modern web development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
    Experienced in systems design and visual methodologies
    Minimum bachelor of science degree in Computer Science / Digital Media / HCI related major
    Love for computer graphic and real-time simulations
    Prior experience with Node.js, but comfortable with multiple languages
    Prior experience with Shader / WebGL / OpenGL / Three.js framework
    A blend mindset between design and engineering
    You find a work-around when there is no work-around

    (4) 3D Technical Artist - Share this job post
    Status: 1 - 2 people. Open for full-time or contractor. Needed for 3D scanning pipeline to do proper rigging / mesh cleanup

    Responsibilities:Rig and clean up characters and clothing related assets to be used by 3D Animators in a in-house process pipelineCollaborate with 3D Animators to solve rig or skin related issuesDevelop and maintain character motion and deformation systemsWork closely with the design team and engineering team to create highly polished 3D assetsProduce concurrent and competing projects in a fast-paced environmentRequirements:Prior experience working in a CG related industry or animation teamComplex character and clothing experienceMaya expert. Experience with Maya API a plusPython programming skills or capacity to create tools and scripts to facilitate workflowUnderstanding the basics of 3D MathKnowledge of best practice and techniques for working with 3D Characters in gaming or cinematic pipelineExcellent communicator, able to present ideas verbally and visually


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