Advanced algorithm designer | Tencent | 深圳

  • Responsibilities:

    the analysis and mining of massive financial data;
    provide appropriate recommended algorithm model to the Tencent financial products and financial platform;
    Combine industry-leading technology with Tencent business platform data according to the financial business application scenarios and in sequel to give specific experimental data and evaluate results;
    upload the statistical data needed by respective business according to different algorithm models to facilitate the implementation of various algorithms ;
    Study the bottleneck of the existing algorithms, put forward reasonable improvement measures and solutions.

    Job requirements:

    major in computer, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, statistics and other professional, master’s degree, doctor preferred;
    More than 5 years of algorithm-related work experience; machine learning, have a in-depth understanding of data mining algorithms and their application on the Internet;
    Familiar with the C / C ++ language;
    development experience in the use of large-scale distributed computing platform and the development of parallel algorithm;
    Rigorous mathematical thinking, outstanding analysis and induction ability, excellent communication skills;
    The experience of time series data modeling, Reinforcement Learning is preferred;
    Internet advertising, electricity providers, search and other aspects of recommended experience is preferred.



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