Mobile Software Engineer| AI Product| CA

  • Job Title: Mobile Software Engineer – AI Product
    Location: Sunnyvale,CA

    We are looking for software engineers with strong experience in developing software products and services. Our team’s mission is to develop hard AI technologies that enable us to impact hundreds of millions of users. As a software engineer , you will help develop new products and services that leverage the most advanced AI technologies to transform user experience. You will be working with a small team of highly talented designers, developers, researchers, and product managers. You will have the opportunity to develop new mobile products that will directly impact hundreds of millions of users.

    Our research teams are creating the next generation of deep learning systems and algorithms. In order to impact hundreds of millions of users, you will learn about the latest deep learning technologies. You will work with the team to develop creative product ideas, formulate product vision, quickly transform ideas into product prototypes, and build and ship new products or services.

    Our focus is pursuing the most promising product ideas that maximize the value of the advanced AI technologies the team is developing. With an emphasis on deep learning, our current research and application areas include speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, and others.

    Here’s what you will do:

    • Formulate new product ideas and strategies
    • Create project plan and build working prototype quickly.
    • Work with other teams to build and ship product and service.
    • Unit-test code for robustness, usability, and general reliability.
    • Continuously Client, evaluate, and implement new ways to maximize development efficiency.
    • You will be working with a small team of highly talented engineers and product managers. If successful, you will develop creative new products that will directly impact hundreds of millions of users.

    Here’s what we’d like to see in you:

    • Strong coding ability: write high quality code in Android or iOS environments. Debugging skills and working knowledge of Android SDK or iOS environment are essential to the role.
    • Understanding of UI/UX for mobile apps.
    • 3+ years of industry experience is required.
    • Proven track of record of developing successful mobile application: from idea initiation to application launch and improvement.
    • Solid understanding of the full mobile application development life cycle.
    • Strengths with REST and JSON, third party libraries and APIs, familiarity with other languages e.g. Python are important.

    Culture fit:

    • Mission alignment: If you want to use AI to dramatically improve people’s lives, we will give you the best possible platform to realize this mission.
    • Self-directed: We work best with people that are driven, motivated, and aspire to greatness. Are you the sort of person that, if you have time on your hands, will independently find interesting and useful things to do?
    • Hungry to learn: We are eager to teach you new skills. But learning is hard work and this is something we hope you want to do.
    • Team orientation: We work in small, fast-moving teams. We don’t believe in lone wolves. We watch out for each other, and go after big goals together-as a team.

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