Marketing Manager| 蚂蚁金服| CA

  • 部门介绍: 蚂蚁金服(全称:蚂蚁小微金融服务集团有限公司),其成立之初便装载了阿里巴巴集团支付宝系列业务,在沿着“支付”为本的路线发展过程中,蚂蚁金服将其独特的互联网金融思维带出了国门。蚂蚁金服自2014至2015年的国际业务还仅限于跨境购买和退税服务,而在2015年,公司发现跨境交易错综复杂,涉及各国的交易管制、金融合规和外汇风险等,因而开辟了另一条发展路径——海外战略合作。

    Seeking an experienced online and offline marketing manager with deep insights of Chinese travelers and local Chinese residents . Responsible for overseeing marketing, promotional, and advertising efforts of Alipay. Leveraging Alipay App (“Discover” section) to drive a complete Online-to-Offline user experience and transactions. Responsible for regional marketing campaign design and execution. Working closely with China headquarter team in Hongzhou/Shanghai to align overall customer acquisition strategy, branding focus/events, and to continuously drive Alipay’s customer value propositions.

    Primary customer targets are: (1) Chinese travelers (2) local Chinese residents, including study-abroad students.

    Key responsibilities include
    • Customer Insights: Familiar with the needs of Chinese travelers, Chinese residents (where to go, what to see, where to eat, what to buy, common issues).
    • Channel Development: Identify local Chinese channels to partner and drive Alipay usage and brands.
    • Branding: Understand Alipay brand strategy, positioning, messaging, and value propositions. Create and manage effective online and offline campaigns to increase brand recognition.
    • Offline Marketing: Cultivate capable partners to design and produce advertising materials for in-person/in-store marketing events
    • Digital Marketing: Create, execute, optimize online marketing campaigns. Create campaign with clear measurements, leverage data to continuously improve results and increase conversions.
    • Social Media: Manage Alipay Lifestyle accounts to drive customer engagements.
    • Partnerships: Cultivate Marketing Partners to recruit merchants (i.e. restaurants, retail shops, and more) and to run marketing campaigns by creating and managing online discount offers.
    • Key Merchant Account: Manage key merchant account, enable Key Accounts’ marketing teams to actively leverage Alipay App and Lifestyle account to drive transactions.
    • Budget: Owns annual marketing and operation budget. Complies with company budget approval request processes and execution.
    • Languages: Fluent in Chinese, English and local language(s).

    • Bachelor’s Degree with 6+ years’ experience including marketing or product management in a consumer facing online and offline retail/services industry; Master degree is highly desired. BAT working experience is a plus.
    • Highly analytical and strategic, flexible and adaptive, able to shift the role from strategy to day to day tactical operations constantly.
    • Able to work independently and also a good team player, share the company core value and commit to meet the deadlines under time constraints.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills with excellent Excel and PPT capabilities
    • Fluent speak and writing English and Mandarin Chinese is mandatory.

    How to apply:【招聘】-marketing-manage-p7-蚂蚁金服国际事业部/?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0


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