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    Alluxio(前Tachyon)是世界上第一个内存级的分布式存储系统,它连接不同的大数据应用和存储系统,并在提供统一的数据读写接口的同时达到性能上数量级的提升。Alluxio的虚拟化存储,使得企业可以更有效的管理分布在不同存储系统中的数据,并同时提供内存级的数据访问和存储能力,加速商业分析并帮助混合云的普及。Alluxio Inc由Alluxio开源项目的创始人和核心开发者创立,并由Andreessen Horowitz投资

    Alluxio (formerly Tachyon) is the world’s first memory-speed distributed storage system that bridges applications and underlying storage systems, providing unified data access that is orders of magnitudes faster than existing solutions. Alluxio virtualizes storage, enabling enterprises to manage data more efficiently across multiple storage systems, while still providing memory-speed data access and store capabilities, allowing accelerated business analytics and ease of adoption of the hybrid cloud. Alluxio, Inc. was founded by the creators and top contributors of the Alluxio open source project and venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz. For more information, contact





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