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  • Project Overview

    This project is connected with Steve Kehoe’s MeteorJS App Store Class

    In this class, we will modify a MeteorJS App Store to rank our apps by both their ratings as well as the number of times they are recommended by other apps in our store.

    Accompanying Lecture Video

    Project Description

    In the MeteorJS App Store Class we discussed that since many apps share the same avgRating (number of stars), we
    had to use the app_id as a secondary sorting mechanism.

    There is a property in fixtures.js called “numberOfRecommendations”. This property should be calculated by tallying the number of times this app appeared in another app’s recommended apps list. We will add our new logic in fixtures.js side our main if{} block right after we finish loading our data.

    To achieve this:

    Query the Meteor Apps Collection to retrieve all apps in MongoDB – convert the
    collection cursor into an array.
    Iterate through the Apps array.
    For each App, iterate through its reccomendedApps array (if it exists).
    Use each app_id to update the appropriate MongoDB record by incrementing the
    numberOfRecommendations property.
    Display our new property in the appPage template.
    Tip: Our code will only run once since it’s wrapped an If{} block checking for an empty App
    collection. To reset the database, stop meteor (control + c in the console) and type ’meteor
    Design and add new features to the app store using our data set!

    Get the code on GitHub
    Suggested Prerequisite Knowledge
    Intro To MeteorJS

    MeteorJS App Store Class

    Familiarity with JavaScript and MongoDB

    Submission Instructions

    Upload a 5 minute YouTube video and link to your GitHub repo with the source code for your solution.


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